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Middle-Earth Map Engraved Cutting Board - Lord of the Rings

Middle-Earth Map Engraved Cutting Board - Lord of the Rings

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Middle-Earth Cutting Board - Natural Journey Edition
Embrace the epicurean adventurer within with this exquisitely crafted Middle-Earth Cutting Board. Expertly engraved with the iconic map of J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved realm, this board is a must-have for any Lord of the Rings aficionado. From the Shire's gentle greenery to the ominous peaks of Mordor, each geographical feature is rendered with stunning detail, inviting you to trace the Fellowship's journey as you dice and slice. Made with premium quality hardwood, it's perfect for elevenses, second breakfasts, or elevating your kitchen to a level of Middle-Earth magnificence.

Middle-Earth Cutting Board - Engraved Black Edition (Display Only)
The Engraved Black Edition of our Middle-Earth Cutting Board brings the majesty of the Third Age into your home with a striking display piece. After meticulous laser engraving, the detailed map of Tolkien's world is accentuated with a deep black paint, filling the engraved paths and borders to create a contrast that is as sharp as Sting itself. While this painted version is designed to be a showpiece that captures the imagination, it is not intended for food preparation. Instead, let it adorn your space as a centerpiece, a wall hanging, or a conversation starter, reminding all who gaze upon it of the enduring allure of Middle-Earth.

Available in White Bamboo and Red Oak

Note that when selecting the Natural engraving design, kindly bear in mind that all cutting boards are composed of strips of wooden panels that have been adhered together. The result is a board that is both visually stunning and resilient; however, it is possible that there may be variations in the shade of the engraving across the cutting board due to the vignetting of the wooden strips.

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